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Training on equality policies development in Zaporizhzhya

The No Borders Project team has conducted a training on equlity policies development for local authorities staff on 21-22nd March in Zaporizhzhya.

We have worked on the following points: 12874362_1013417822058863_1679496416_o

  • how stereotypes may lead to discrimination
  • what is discrimination, which forms it takes and how it is regulated by the Law
  • what are equality policies and on what principles they are built at
  • which actions are foreseen by the Action Plan for National Human Rights Strategy in the part of prevention and counteraction to discrimination
  • major rules of work with vulnerable groups

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We are pro #EquaLLviv

Due to recent increase of discrimination in Lviv, campaign “Discrimination limits. Counteract!” has sent an official letter along with guidelines handbooks to the Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi. These handbooks are developed specifically for local authorities employees.

The Human Library on the DOCUDAYS

The No Borders Project team is organizing a Human Library at Docudays 2016 documentary films festival. Take your chance to talk to interesting people and check own stereotypes and prejudices!

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