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Which documents do Russian citizens need in order to cross Ukrainian border?

Here is a list of documents required from Russian citizens to cross Ukrainian border:
1. Travel Passport.
2. Confirmation of financial support: bank statement on available funds on your account. The funds should be no less then $1300 per month. If the terms of stay are less then 30 days - count proportional sum to required terms of stay and add sum for five more days.
3. Invitation. This document should be notarized (not required by the law, still is often required by border service)

Additional (but not required) documents which influence positively on border service decision to allow border cross are:

  • return ticket
  • hotel booking confirmation

Don't lie to the border service - tell honestly purposes of your visit and places of destination.

Unfortunately, even possession of all required documents doesn't guarantee positive decision of the border service. If you were denied in entry to Ukraine and wish to get legal advice on how to appeal, please contact us

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