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бита2The Social Action Centre works on the lack of investigation of hate crimes since 2011, we conduct monitoring of such crimes, provide victims with consultations, and exercise enlightening activities for various target audiences. For three years the legal support to victims of hate crimes project (link) was financed by German foundation “EVZ”. Ukrainian legislation does not include the concept of hate crime, so when working in this sphere the SAC uses international standards, specifically recommendations of ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE). We define hate crime as – a crime according to its definition by the criminal code of Ukraine, which was committed with a biased motivation against certain group. We monitor both crimes against persons and against property (vandalism), which were committed with a biased motive – hate against minorities. The monitoring is done to define most vulnerable groups in different regions of Ukraine and to decrease hatred against them. If you want to report us a hate crime, you may keep anonymity when filling in the reporting form. Before reporting, please, read the text below.


Check the motive of crime committed against you!

  1. Do you consider yourself a minority? (national, ethnic, religious, sexual, etc.)
  2. Did the perpetrator(s) know/assume that you are minority?
  3. Did the perpetrator(s) look like they belong to subculture? (tattoos, sporty or military outfit, shaved heads, nazi or rune symbols on their clothes such as svastics)
  4. Did the perpetrator(s) have any other motive to commit a crime? (jealousness, greed)
  5. Was the crime accompanied by insulting gestures or words against minority(ies)?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more listed questions, you probably suffered from hate crime. The Diversity Initiative and “No Borders Project” monitor hate crimes, we kindly ask you to report about the crime via our online form (link), by phone +380930351515 or via email , all reports are confidential. You also can receive consultations regarding reporting to police, if requested.

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