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религиозные_меньшинстваWhen talking about minorities rights, we actually mean human rights. It means that each of us belong to minority it different circumstances. For example, Ukrainian national will be a minority in Poland  and will not be in Ukraine, orthodox will be a religious minority in western Ukraine and not in central region. Being a minority is not a permanent characteristic, it is more a status which can change depending on various factors. There is no list of personal characteristics which can lead to being a minority, as there is no list of possible human identities, but it is possible to define certain groups in certain regions and in certain time which are in minority and can be considered as minorities. Minorities could be religious, ethnic, national, sexual, or other. In modern world, along with mass migration appeared so called “new minorities” – migrants, including refugees. The Social Action Centre works on minorities rights support, our experts conduct enlightening and educational events for various target audiences, analyze gaps and changes in current legislation, develop shadow reports on minorities rights protection. If you want to know more on our work in the sphere of minorities rights protection, review news and visit “Eastern Partnership Minorities Network” web page

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