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равенствоDuring last years Ukraine has been working on development of combating and prevention of discrimination legislation. The non-discrimination legislation is being developed with a simple but very important goal – help everyone without consideration of personal characteristics – to get equal access to exercise one’s rights. The Civil Society Organizations, including Social Action Centre, are actively lobbying adoption of effective legislation in this sphere, as well as they work on practical mechanisms of protection from discrimination. Today the main law in this sphere is Law “On basics of prevention and counteraction to discrimination in Ukraine”. (insert link ) The law defines discrimination as “situation when a person(or persons) is suffering from restrictions in recognition, realization and/or exercising their rights and freedoms based on characteristics of race, skin color, political, religious and other views, sex, age, disability, marital and property status, place of residence, lingual or other characteristics which were, are, or could be real or assumed,  in any form established by law, beyond cases when such restrictions are based on objective grounds, beyond cases when such restrictions are based on lawful objective grounded aim, which is reached by appropriate and necessary ways.”More about protected characteristics and forms of discrimination  are available on the web page of informational campaign which is conducted by Coalition against discrimination. If you think you were discriminated on any ground and you wish receive free legal advice, follow the link.

Social Action Centre is actively lobbying strengthening effectiveness of legislation in the sphere of discrimination. Our organization is a member of Coalition against Discrimination

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