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Legal advice for hate crimes victims

The SAC provides primary legal advisory and supports strategic hate crimes cases. Before you turn to us for counseling, please read the information below.

спасательный_круг 1. Check if there was a biased motivation in a crime committed against you

  • Do you belong to a minority? (national, ethnic, religious, sexual, etc.)
  • Did the perpetrator(s) know/assume you belong to a minority
  • Did the perpetrator(s) look like they belong to a subculture? (tattoos, sporty or camouflage clothes, bolded heads, runic symbols, etc.)
  • Did the perpetrator(s) have any other obvious motive to commit a crime? (greed or jealousy)
  • Was the crime accompanied with hate speech or gestures against minorities?
  1. If you answered “yes” to two or more questions above, there is high possibility you face a hate crime. Diversity Initiative and SAC conduct anonymous monitoring of hate crimes, please inform us via online form.
  2. Decide whether you want to report a crime to police. If yes, please be careful with your witnesses in the incident record. The police officer has to include all your words and witnesses in the crime record. You can submit a crime report by yourself. If you believe there was a hate crime committed against you – it has to be mentioned in the record. Look at the questions above and mention answers to them in your report. We recommend not to sign the record without this information. Remember you can write an crime report in your native language. Punishment for committing a hate crime is heavier than for similar crime with no biased motive. Remember it is up to you whether the perpetrator would be punished and how strictly. Helping yourself you can prevent future hate crimes. If you want to receive consultation from SAC expert, please mention it in the online form.

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